1985 born in Zelinograd, Kazakhstan

2005-2006 Schule für Bildende Kunst und Gestaltung (art school), Kassel, Germany

2006-2010 studies illustration and media-design, MSD/Münster School of Design, Germany

2009 ERASMUS scholarship EASD Valencia, Spain

2010 diploma in illustration and printmaking (Prof. Wolfgang Troschke), MSD/Münster School of Design, Germany

2010-2013 art director / graphic designer for various design and ad agencies and as a freelance designer
and photographer for several clients in Germany and abroad

2013-NOW Visual artist, photographer and graphic designer in Münster, Germany


2006 Rathaus, Kassel, Germany

2007 MSD/Münster School of Design, Münster, Germany

2008 media facade PSD Bank, Münster, Germany

2009 EASD, Valencia, Spain

2010 Gallery of the Municipalty, Ithaca, Greece

2010 EDO Keramikos, Athen, Greece

2010-2013 various international group exhibitions e.g. in the UK, Italy, Korea, India, Argentina and USA

2013 Gallery Nolte (Schauraum), Münster, Germany

2013 Creatives Rising, New York, USA

2014 media facade PSD Bank, Münster, Germany

2014 OFFF Festival, Barcelona, Spain

2014 B-Side gallery, Münster, Germany

2015 Marichen, Münster

2016 Milchbar 655321, Münster


2013 SpecOps Network, Münster, Germany

2013 Healthcenter Steinfurt, Burgsteinfurt, Germany

2013 Fyal central, Münster, Germany

2013 F24, Münster, Germany

2014 Lockvogel, Münster, Germany

2015 Milchbar 655321, Münster, Germany

2015 H2O, Münster, Germany

2015 Tante August, Münster, Germany


Design Made In Germany

Adobe: I Am The New Creative


Elementaire Zine

Elaborate Taste

Design Boom

Behance.net (multi-featured artist)

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